Reactions to Tragic Muse

10 08 2013


(Responses by readers of the manuscript and pre-release review copies)

‘This is going to be huge – can’t not be’

‘I have to have this book’

‘I’ll buy one’

‘Can I order two please? One for me and one for my friend who is a vicar’

‘I read it with shouts of ‘Yesss’ and ticks and underlines.  A lot of it really made me think, and though initially I was sceptical … I was convinced by the end.  Some real rabbits out of hats on the way … A great work, most exciting read.’

‘Not just a patient archaeologist, Dodwell is also a bold pioneer, advancing a theory which might just cast the sharpest of all lights on a character whose importance to her time would otherwise be lost.’

‘compelling and entertaining … a good deal of elegant writing … a lively tempo and a wealth of intriguing detail … compelling textual analysis.’

‘The writing strikes me as often elegant, at times witty, with colloquial idioms mingling to good effect with academic rigour.’

‘Haven’t they done a nice job’ (of the production)

‘excellent book on Anne Line’

‘really splendid’

[After the general release]

[From a Scottish relative of the author] What I am really wanting to tell you is that my local bookseller was able to obtain for me, in two days Martin’s Book! I have read only the first few pages so far but already I have learned the meaning of the word “recusant” and also “limbeck”, which I had to look up after I had recovered from the phrase “whatever mysterious idea distilled itself in the opium-fuelled limbeck of Coleridge’s brain.” That must be worthy of the Oxford Book of Quotations. [Thank-you, but credit must go to Lady Macbeth!]



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