25 09 2013

RE Anne Line: Shakespeare’s Tragic Muse. Please let me know of any errors that may have sneaked through the proof-reading and fact-checking, or any significant clarifications. I intend to add to this post as I receive relevant feedback.

Superfluous comma – I know, I know …

p.49. ‘Where the author notes that Shakespeare “parodies the too-ready resort to exorcism” in The Comedy of Errors, he might have added that this parody is underlined by the name of Dr. Pinch, which happens to be the name of the Puritan critic of the Jesuit exorcisms’. Milward.

pp.137ff. ‘Sicilia is, of course, the three-cornered isle (or Trinacria) of England’. Milward – referring to The Winter’s Tale.

p.27n14. ‘My authority in mentioning the name of William Allen as usher at Stratford Grammar School in 1564 is E.I.Fripp, Shakespeare, Man and Artist (1938)’. Milward.

p.143n30. Robert Catesby had been involved in the Essex Rebellion, ‘but he was let off rather leniently thanks to Sir Robert Cecil, who must have seen in him a convenient object of blackmail’. Milward.

p.119. The Earl of Rutland is wrongly given as Duke. The latter title was not granted until after the period in question. The reference to the MSS of the Duke of Rutland is correct as the papers were published with this title. (h/t Milward).



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